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The school is architecturally designed in a green sprawling campus with multiple facilities for both Scholastic and Co- scholastic activities .It has spacious well lit classrooms, clean and tidy atmosphere. Pre-Primary section has attached wash rooms.The school has good infrastructure facilities like:-.


The school has a good library with a large collection of books about 3000 books and magazines and news papers. The Library is having 50 seating capacity. There is separate reading room for faculties and students. It has a comprehensive collection of books predominantly related to school level. Library activities are computerised. Most of the magazines find a place in this Library - theme based, competitive examination based etc. Educational Cds in all subjects are available including value based stories from Panchatantra and etc. The size of the Library is 62 Sq.Ft.

Science Laboratory

The school has very spacious and well equipped labs for Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, with all required tools and apparatus for performing various experiments. All the three labs are located on the top floor. The size of the Science Laboratory is 61 Sq.Ft.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer lab cater to the needs of the students and faculties. The School is having well equipped broadband facility. They are well equipped softwares with latest 45 computers, three Lap tops come in handy for the faculty. They are connected to broadband. The size of the computer lab is 63 Sq.Ft.

Audio Visual Room

Our Audio Visual Room is used for seminars, workshops and meetings. The AV Room is well equipped with a music system, sound system, a computer and an LCD projector. It has a seating capacity of nearly 100. This room is always busy with showcasing of presentations prepared by faculties and students. Internet connectivity enhances usage of this room. The size of the AV Hall is 78 Sq.Ft.

Physical Education Department

The physical education department provides outdoor and indoor games facilities, such as Cricket, Basketball, Badminton; volleyball Etc. The School is equipped with 2.00 Acres of land and is having all indoor and outdoor sports materials.

Creative Room

The school has an Art Room or Creative Room which offers art education to students like sketching, colouring, painting, crafts etc. The School is providing Cardboards, sketch pens, etc for the students to show their creative ideas.


The school has an High Tech Auditorium with a seating Capacity of 500 persons. High Tech Projector, Sound System and lighting are added attraction in the auditorium. The size of the Auditorium is 169 Sq.Ft.

Yoga and Meditation Hall

The school is having infirmary room for girls and ladies staff beside the Auditorium.

Maths Lab

The school has a Maths lab in the second floor the school building. It is having well equipped instruments. .

Visitors Lobby

The school has a big visitors lobby for visitors of the school. It has a size of 76 Sq.Ft..